Bristol & Clifton Golf Club

November Winter Open (Singles Stableford) 2019

Thursday 7th November 2019, Yellow & Red Tees, Bristol & Clifton

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Results Pointsx
1stJames Rugg(17) 38
2ndTimothy HARRISON(11) Long Ashton Golf Club 37
3rdDavid Lucas(7) Thornbury Golf Centre 37
4thNeil Banfield(23) Long Ashton Golf Club 36
5thTom Sproull(4) 36
6thIan Gorham(8) 35
7thDan Bendall(18) The Players Club 35
8thDavid Whitaker(12) 35
9thRod Butler(16) Thornbury Golf Centre 34
10thJohn Laycock(14) 34
11thPeter Strong(12) Henbury Golf Club 34
11thMarc Wachter(10) St Pierre Golf Club 34
13thMichael Gough(16) Long Ashton Golf Club 34
14thAlistair Johnston(6) Long Ashton Golf Club 33
15thBob Cox(6) Henbury Golf Club 33
16thSimon Gardner(13) South Winchester Golf Club 32
17thBryan Owen(20) Cottrell Park Golf Club 32
18thWarren Payne(9) Long Ashton Golf Club 32
19thRobert Price(21) Cottrell Park 32
20thB A M Wessely(5) The Berkshire Golf Club 32
21stTim Ashman(10) Enmore Park Golf Club 31
22ndBob Tye(5) Oake Manor Golf Club 31
23rdAllan Slater(10) 31
24thWendy Vane-Percy(18) Cricket St Thomas 31
25thRobert Lawrence(17) Thornbury Golf Centre 31
26thMichael Boggia(13) Long Ashton Golf Club 31
27thLuke Mason(6) Teignmouth Golf Club 30
28thBrett Townley(5) Llanishen Golf Club 30
29thMichael Owen(15) 30
30thAndrew Burns(18) Enmore Park Golf Club 30
31stJohn Chilvers(5) Henbury Golf Club 30
32ndDavid Bennett(10) 29
33rdTony McCarthy(25) Cottrell Park 29
34thMichael Poole(16) 29
35thLinda Meaton(18) 28
36thJohn Sharpe(16) Bath Golf Club 28
37thD Brett(9) Marlborough Golf Club 28
38thCharles Vane Percy(8) Lyme Regis Golf Club 27
39thLeslie Meaton(14) 27
40thLee Davey(9) Tiverton Golf Club 27
41stLyndon Hore(10) Long Ashton Golf Club 27
42ndMichael Innes(18) 26
43rdEdward Langston(15) 26
44thDave J Parr(11) Llanishen Golf Club 26
45thBen Bennett(8) 26
46thEugen Kupich(23) Stockwood Vale Golf Club 26
47thStephen Taylor(17) Long Ashton Golf Club 25
48thMatthew Hawker(11) 24
49thPeter Addis(9) St Pierre Golf Club 23
50thT Edwards(11) Isle of Wedmore Golf Club 23
51stJonathan Thompson(10) Isle of Wedmore Golf Club 23
52ndJames Pugh(9) 22
53rdIan Johnstone(15) Bleadon Hills Golf Club 22
54thRobert Price(12) Burnham & Berrow Golf Club 21
55thJOHN SCOTT(12) Whitchurch (Cardiff) Golf Club 20
56thMichael Higginson(8) St Pierre Golf Club 19

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