Bristol & Clifton Golf Club

Failand Plate 2021

Sunday 9th May 2021, White Tees, Bristol & Clifton

(95% handicap allowance)

Nearest the Pin 7th: Paul Ashford

Nearest the Pin 13th: Courtney Morris

Twos Club Dividend: £70 per Two

Prize Vouchers for the above and top six places sent via post to Home Clubs.

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1st David Bernstein(25)  Long Ashton Golf Club66
2nd Daniel Andrew(8) 69
3rd Martin Jennings(11) 70
4th Warren Payne(11)  Long Ashton Golf Club70
5th Luke Colling(22) 70
6th Ian Gorham(8) 71
7th MATTHEW COOK(10)  Saltford Golf Club72
8th Ed Gregory(16)  Saltford Golf Club72
9th Phil Niblett(16)  Knowle Golf Club72
10th Benjamin Collings(15) 72
11th Kevin Pearce(8)  The Kendleshire Golf Club73
12th Neil Ross(7)  Long Ashton Golf Club73
13th Justin Nott(14) 73
14th Rupert Maule(11)  Long Ashton Golf Club73
15th Scott Browne(9)  Manor House Golf Club74
16th Lee Perks(10)  Knowle Golf Club74
17th Benjamin Jones(10) 74
18th Martin Parish(19) 74
19th Mark Bales(9)  Knowle Golf Club74
20th Bob Johns(18)  Long Ashton Golf Club75
21st Jonathan Parish(9)  Long Ashton Golf Club75
22nd Michael Day(11)  Long Ashton Golf Club75
23rd IAN BODDINGTON(19)  Tall Pines Golf Club75
24th Paul Fowler(13)  Long Ashton Golf Club75
25th Ewan Davidson(20) 75
26th Vincent Johns(13)  Long Ashton Golf Club75
27th Steven James(14) 75
28th Warren Purdue(14) 75
29th Bradley Clark(5)  Long Ashton Golf Club76
30th Don Glover(9) 76
31st Chris Gent(20)  Long Ashton Golf Club76
32nd Tom Hurlstone(12) 76
33rd Jerry Broome(10)  Knowle Golf Club76
34th Ben Davis(15) 76
35th Neil Wookey(6)  Long Ashton Golf Club76
36th Anthony Crocker(16)  Saltford Golf Club76
37th Nigel Bridgeman(18) 76
38th Colin Stone(9)  The Players Club Golf Club76
39th Alex Hicks(9)  Stockwood Vale Golf Club77
40th Tony Berry(13)  Long Ashton Golf Club77
41st Courtney Morris(10)  Tall Pines Golf Club77
42nd Lee Hazell(11)  Long Ashton Golf Club77
43rd Peter James(18) 77
44th Matt Collins(6)  Lilley Brook Golf Club77
45th Chris Linegar(17)  Long Ashton Golf Club77
46th Richard A Gardiner(8)  Long Ashton Golf Club77
47th Ollie Gostlin(15)  Saltford Golf Club77
48th Brian Jones(8) 78
49th Lee Bryant(6)  Knowle Golf Club78
50th Andy Fry(16)  Knowle Golf Club78
51st Stuart Bennett(9)  Manor House Golf Club78
52nd Niall Boyle(10)  Long Ashton Golf Club78
53rd David Bennett(10) 78
54th Graham Venning(9)  The Players Club Golf Club78
55th Ryan Veale(27)  Berkhamsted Golf Club78
56th Kevin Morris(8)  Long Ashton Golf Club78
57th William Lynde(9) 79
58th LEE PEARCE(23)  Tall Pines Golf Club79
59th Philip Dadd(10) 79
60th Mel Beaven(10)  Long Ashton Golf Club79
61st Mark Dicks(22)  Long Ashton Golf Club79
62nd Stephen Penn(9)  Chippenham Golf Club79
63rd Mark Jones(9)  Long Ashton Golf Club79
64th Alan Johnstone(23)  Long Ashton Golf Club79
65th Doug Cecil(19)  Long Ashton Golf Club79
66th Michael Owen(15) 79
67th Mike Smith(16)  Long Ashton Golf Club79
68th Ken McCulloch(11)  Long Ashton Golf Club79
69th Oliver Pomphrey(7) 79
70th Benedict Stephens(10) 80
71st Liam Savage(23)  Dudsbury Golf Club80
72nd Dean Webb(13)  Long Ashton Golf Club80
73rd Luke Spalding(12) 80
74th Matthew Wylie(21) 80
75th Andy Crowley(9)  Knowle Golf Club80
76th Paul Dunne(11)  Long Ashton Golf Club80
77th Jeff Hazell(13)  Knowle Golf Club80
78th Stuart Turner(15)  Chipping Sodbury Golf Club80
79th Paddy Sullivan(9)  Knowle Golf Club80
80th Stewart Pitteway(24)  Long Ashton Golf Club80
81st Oliver Whitehead(17) 80
82nd Steven Webb(11)  Long Ashton Golf Club80
83rd Ross Perrett(8)  The Kendleshire Golf Club80
84th Darren McKenzie(24)  Brinkworth Golf CLUB80
85th MARC BARTLETT(15)  Tall Pines Golf Club81
86th Alex Stocker(15)  The Players Club Golf Club81
87th Richard Morrish(7)  The Kendleshire Golf Club81
88th Adrian Foxford(18)  Long Ashton Golf Club81
89th Andy Fry(8)  Knowle Golf Club81
90th Colin Wragg(10) 81
91st Michael Airs(22)  The Players Club Golf Club82
92nd Jack Windell(23)  Saltford Golf Club82
93rd Ian Davis(13)  Long Ashton Golf Club82
94th Kevin Rivers(8)  The Bristol Golf Club82
95th Clive Pulteney(9) 82
96th Stuart Faulkner(17)  Long Ashton Golf Club82
97th Nigel Taylor(19)  Long Ashton Golf Club83
98th Mark Shore(16)  Long Ashton Golf Club83
99th Anthony Smedley(11)  Long Ashton Golf Club83
100th Neil Banfield(22)  Long Ashton Golf Club83
101st Nick Wilson(7) 83
102nd Dan Fitzgerald(4)  Stockwood Vale Golf Club83
103rd Jon Porter(9)  Long Ashton Golf Club83
104th Adam Horne(21) 83
105th Rich Coombes(18)  Knowle Golf Club84
106th John Boughton(17)  Knowle Golf Club85
107th James Rose(18) 85
108th Andrew Webb(12)  Long Ashton Golf Club85
109th Robert Norris(11)  The Kendleshire Golf Club85
110th Mark Colling(11) 85
111th Garreth Wilson(9)  Long Ashton Golf Club86
112th Anthony May(20)  The Kendleshire Golf Club86
113th Wayne Fry(13)  Knowle Golf Club87
114th Harry Lanceley(10)  Long Ashton Golf Club87
115th Aaron Clift(7)  The Kendleshire Golf Club88
116th Jason Tuck(12)  Cardiff Golf Club88
117th Keith Judkins(17)  Hinckley Golf Club88
118th Olly Callaghan(8)  The Kendleshire Golf Club89
119th Gary Smart(8)  Knowle Golf Club89
120th Alasdair McIntyre(12)  Lansdown Golf Club89
121st Alan Venning(9)  The Players Club Golf Club89
122nd Paul Crowley(19)  Long Ashton Golf Club90
123rd Sebastian Church(12)  Saltford Golf Club90
124th Paul Ashford(9)  The Kendleshire Golf Club90
125th Paul O'Hara(15)  Weston-Super-Mare Golf Club92
126th Wayne Daniels(10)  Knowle Golf Club92
127th Rich Genge(18)  Knowle Golf Club93
128th Mark Hudson(12) NR
129th Michael Hatton(12)  Long Ashton Golf ClubNR
130th Michael Freeborough(11) NR
131st Edward Baker(14) NR
132nd Grant McCall(17) NR
133rd Billy Lanceley(16)  Tall Pines Golf ClubNR

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