Bristol & Clifton Golf Club

The Alexander Trophy

Thursday 28th October 2021, White & Red Tees, Bristol & Clifton

(95% handicap allowance)

The Alexander Trophy winners were Henbury B with a score of 75 points (36,39 and 15)

2nd were Saltford B with 70 points (40,30 and 30)

3rd were Filton with 67 points (36,31 and 25)

4th= were Farrington Park with 67 points (38, 29 and 23).

4th= were Bristol & Clifton A with 67 points (34,33 and 23).            Harry Kennedy, Jack Power and George Burman

Bristol & Clifton B were 6th with 66 points, Ben Edey, Ronan Power and Edward Burman

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Results Pointsx
1stJonathan Turner(24) Saltford Golf Club 40
2ndLachlan Massey(30) Henbury Golf Club 39
3rdJenson Barker(20) Farrington Park Golf Club 38
4thEdward Burman(36) 37
5thEthan Holway(4) The Kendleshire Golf Club 37
6thJack Taylor(19) Henbury Golf Club 36
7thJude Rollings(16) Filton Golf Club 36
8thElizabeth Robbins(10) The Kendleshire Golf Club 36
9thThomas Chapman(23) Thornbury Golf Centre Golf Club 35
10thHarry Kennedy(9) 34
11thRiley Wood(9) Henbury Golf Club 33
12thMillie Gait(10) Knowle Golf Club 33
13thJack Power(36) 33
14thRosie Boyle(29) Long Ashton Golf Club 33
15thBilly Haskins(16) Henbury Golf Club 31
16thFrances Sullivan(22) Long Ashton Golf Club 31
17thCharles Ford(11) Filton Golf Club 31
18thMarco Brancaccio(36) Saltford Golf Club 30
19thHarley Sandell(20) Saltford Golf Club 30
20thDjibrael Ali(9) Long Ashton Golf Club 29
21stBen Edey(32) 29
22ndJoshua Mowat(8) Farrington Park Golf Club 29
23rdCharlie Woodhouse(20) Thornbury Golf Centre Golf Club 28
24thJenson Skinner(23) The Kendleshire Golf Club 27
25thTaylor Hodgson(9) Long Ashton Golf Club 27
26thRonan Power(36) 27
27thAbigail Whittock(20) Saltford Golf Club 26
28thRobyn Bailey(18) The Kendleshire Golf Club 26
29thEthan Jay(13) Knowle Golf Club 26
30thMolly Kemery(19) Knowle Golf Club 25
31stReggie Phelps(6) Filton Golf Club 25
32ndMax Murphy(11) The Kendleshire Golf Club 25
33rdAva Hirons(25) Saltford Golf Club 24
34thLucas Spencer(36) Long Ashton Golf Club 24
35thNeve Jeffery(11) Knowle Golf Club 24
36thGeorge Burman(36) 23
37thJoe Cox(8) Farrington Park Golf Club 23
38thZak Armstrong(13) The Kendleshire Golf Club 22
39thOllie Crowley(4) Henbury Golf Club 22
40thSophie Williams(11) Knowle Golf Club 22
41stKira Veal(20) Saltford Golf Club 20
42ndGabriella Haynes(9) Knowle Golf Club 19
43rdCharlie Saxton(3) Thornbury Golf Centre Golf Club 18
44thHugo Highams(36) Henbury Golf Club 15
45thMariella Buchanan(19) Long Ashton Golf Club 13

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